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Google Adsense

Google Adsense is easy to explain. Google Adsense allows Web masters to make money from their websites by allowing Google to display ads on their web pages.

From a web master perspective all you need to do is to copy a little JavaScript code which Google provide and that's it. When someone opens the page Google will display ads that relate to the web page content- context sensitive ads.

If someone clicks on an ad then Google charges the advertiser a click fee an splits it between Google and the Webmaster. Without a doubt Google Adsense is the easiest way of making money from a website.

Adsense has become so popular that some webmasters concentrate solely on Adsense for making money with their websites. Google Adsense offers a webmaster several unique advantages that affiliate programs don't:

  • Very easy to set up . You can include your Adsense code as part of your website template.

  • Only one company to deal with - Google

  • No longer need to spend hours trying to find matching affiliate programs.

The main disadvantage with Adsense is that it is too easy to become totally dependant on it and totally at the mercy of Google. A change in policy could devastate your income.